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Founder Abena is an entrepreneur who has always had a passion for proper hair care. As a teenager she worked in 2 hair salons and spent every spare moment reading all the natural hair magazines from the 90s such as Black Hair, Hype Hair and Braids & Beauty.

Abena dedicated her life to the beauty world. She attended hairdressing school and accumulated 7 years of hands on cosmetology experience eventually giving birth to To The Root in 1999. The brainchild of Abena and her friend Nadia, To The Root began as Canada’s first web magazine for natural hair.

Obsessed with the industry, Abena soon branched off into the distribution of hair care products working closely with beauty supply companies, stores and salons across Canada. It was around this time that Abena decided to go natural and quickly realized there was little information and even fewer products available in Canada (particularly in Montreal). Abena’s frustration finally piqued and she decided to be the solution and get “To The Root” of the problem.

On a mission to educate and become a resource for natural hair for black men and women, Abena added more firsts to her resume. She was the first to introduce many black hair products to Canada including Taliah Waajid Black Earth hair products, Jane Carter Solutions, Nubian Heritage and Royal Roots.

Twenty-three years later Abena is still at the forefront of the natural hair movement by educating and empowering women with natural hair to love and embrace their natural beauty. To The Root continues to grow and now offers a line of natural hair and body products with 100% raw shea butter. It’s the perfect combination of natural beauty products made in Canada while supporting the Fair-trade industry. Made with nature’s finest ingredients and boasting 100% vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free methods.

To The Root continues to blaze a trail. Their mission is to make it easy for customers to live a healthier lifestyle while embracing their natural beauty.

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“Don’t sit down and wait for opportunities to come but get up and make them!”

Madame C.J. Walker
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