Our Approach

Roots are the foundation and base of every living matter and we at To The Root strongly believe and enforce the importance of nourishing and fostering our roots.  Especially those of which, are connected to your “your coily antennas” hair follicles.

The To The Root staff makes it part of our daily efforts to seek out the best haircare products and information on the market, making sure it’s always readily available to our clients.

Our mission at To The Root is to make sure our clients are truly aligned from head to toe and are fully grounded internally and externally: with guidelines on proper food intake as well as hair care grooming and regimen.

We highly believe our roots are definitely of importance and in order for your roots to spread and support a healthy body as well as a sound mind, we as African American women/men need to make sure we accept our roots, embrace and most of all nourish them. We need to stop trying to alter what we possess naturally as human beings and realize our hair is our crown  and we must wear it with pride at all times. It is our duty to insure that this persona exudes and resonates within us always!  Insuring that we pass that mentality on to our off springs in order to create a molding of an “unapologetic generation of mini-kings and queen to love themselves, their hair, and their uniqueness”.

To The Root… Hair to rejuvenate not just your hair but your ideals!